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You are a dubious harbinger with the spooky power to digitize souls at a distance. Dig your way to the hearts of three advanced civilizations to rend out a secret common history. Glean clues from the environment and decipher the ramblings of a diverse cast of characters to discover why the seeds of an ancient religious schism are bearing macabre fruits in the present.

Dark Stars is an experimental, disempowering "anti-shmup" with bullet hell elements. Mastering its challenges requires careful maneuvering, proactive resource collection, and clever use of The Maw, an infernal presence that may or may not have your best interests at heart.


  • A vertical shoot-em-up without shooting. Incapacitate enemy ships by abducting their crews in challenging proximity-based combat.
  • The souls you steal are your energy and your health. Offer them up to summon The Maw, a multifaceted trap with offensive and defensive properties. Feeding the maw boosts your offensive power.
  • A cryptic religious sci-fi story spanning centuries.
  • Unlockable gameplay mods, Pacifism and Chaos, add challenging twists to the combat.

Dark Stars is best played with an Xbox 360 gamepad, although other models should work, and is also playable with keyboard.


For now the game will be Name your own price, but I may change that in the future. Any payment is huuugely appreciated. I am a solo developer, and Dark Stars is my first major release. I would love to make more games! In addition, any feedback, whether positive or constructively negative, is more than welcome.

Thank you for playing! <3

Release date Jul 16, 2016
TagsBullet Hell, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Space, Spoopy


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